Jærstolen Rocking Chair


Price: €527.00


Jærstolen Rocking Chair in untreated wood

Hjelmeland, 1898: a comfortable, unpretentious chair sees the light. Made in solid materials and built to last, the Jærstol quickly becomes a classic. With its functional form and natural colors, the chair has been a well-known Norwegian seat for generations.

The Jærstol is short-traveled. Seat material in the original Jærstolen was made of reeds picked at Jæren. Slåke know the story, and combines it with eco-friendly production. Slåke use Norwegian subcontractors and materials,and are proud of their own craft.

Jærstolen Rocking Chair Dimensions:
H: 900mm W: 560mm

Time of delivery: 6-7 weeks

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